Process Indicator
Process Indicator

 Digital Indicator is especially applicable to some of the occasion only requiring display and transmission of measurement values. It can support various kinds of thermocouples, thermal resistance and linear signal input, with ultra measurement ranges, power disconnection, interrupted resistance and couple disconnection indication functions, with 4-20mA transmission PV (measurement value), SV (set value) function.


  • Large LED display (0.8 inch) for PV
  • 4 digit display for units (e.g. ºC, psi etc)/ configuration
  • Universal Input (TC/ RTD/ mA/ mV/ V)
  • Self Diagnosis Function: Input fails safe operation.
  • Programmable input, range & alarms
  • 4 Alarms in 10 modes
  • Multiple level keyboard locking function
  • 24 VDC Power supply for 2-wire transmitter
  • High accuracy & fast sampling, μP based
  • Communication RS485/ MODBUS
  • Isolated re-transmission signal, upto 2 nos.
  • EMI/ ESD protection; CE approved